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Basics Of ES6 (Part 2)

Continuing from my first post, ES6 offers a vast number of new features that allows JavaScript developers to write code more intuitively using functionality that we would have to write ourselves or use a library to accomplish. Today, we're going to be covering a few things which are as listed below: Extended Parameter Handling Arrow Funct…

Basics Of ES6 (ES2015)

Learn about ES6 through some simple and easy to understand code examples. Since the release of ES5 in 2009, JavaScript developers have always dreamed of having functionality closer to that of Java and Python as they offer incredibly powerful API's with little to no overhead when thinking about performance. For years, JavaScript remained t…

I Have Ditched WordPress For Ghost

I denied myself a blog for well over a year simply due to laziness, I finally came to the realisation that casual blogging is fun and that I miss it. However, using WordPress again didn't sit well with me as my needs this time around were far simpler and all I really wanted to do is voice my thoughts. That is why I chose to use Ghost inst…